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Rhynchostylis coelestis 'Alba' Near Blooming Size

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These are exotic plants that grow in specific conditions. Mostly found in tropical areas. These orchids grow naturally in warm, moist, shaded tropical areas and require warmth, uniform moisture and bright, but indirect light. Gentle air movement is mandatory. They are typically grown with no potting mix on slat baskets or mounted in the same way as vandas.

Note: Please refer plant picture for size reference. Being live plants, the actual plant might vary in size. There might be variations produced by hybrids or species in the size, colour and pattern of the flowers.

Type: Species
Plant Size: Near Blooming Size
Pot Size: Hanging Basket
Potting Media: N/A

Note: Plant Will be delivered without bud or flower

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very much happy
In product details it was in blooming size .But I received it with two spikes.So very much happy with this product.
Sadhan Kumar Giri 16th June, 2021 10:35 AM
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