Phal. Mini Honey White Seedling Size
Phal. Mini Honey White Seedling Size

Phal. Mini Honey White Seedling Size

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Box Contain In Package A pot of Phal. Mini Honey White Seedling Size
Phalaenopsis orchids are also known as Moth orchids because the stunning flowers often resemble moths in flight. They are the most common types of orchids due to the ease of production and the availability of blooming plants year-round.
Their blooms vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. The Phalaenopsis have a dramatic appearance. A single spike can produce many beautiful blooms in a long arch which last long.
These are the perfect indoor tropical plants to place at your home or work place.
Warm and humid climate is most suitable with sufficient fresh air circulation.

Note: Please refer plant picture for size reference. Being live plants, the actual plant might vary in size. There might be variations produced by hybrids or species in the size, colour and pattern of the flowers.

Phal. Mini Honey White Seedling Size

Plant Type: Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Plant Size: Seedling Size

Potting Media: Sphagnum Moss

Placement: Indoor

Climatic condition: Tropical

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