Grammatophyllum DIY Seedling Combo

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Box Contain In Package A pot of Grammatophyllum Seedling Combo (Scriptum Var. Citrinum and Scriptum Var Leopard)
Grammatophyllum Orchids are the Fastest-Growing Orchids and also the biggest Orchids in the world. These are easy to grow if given enough water and fertilizer. They increase in size rapidly if re-potted into larger containers but Orchids like their roots compact, so avoid changing to a larger pot than necessary.
#Clickorchidtip - Assure to provide sufficient indirect light and adequate amount of water to be used by the roots which assures good plant health. Make sure to provide plenty of ventilation and drainage holes will enable good air circulation to the roots of your orchid. Keep the plant in good warm conditions.

1. Plant Type: Scriptum Var. Citrinum and Scriptum Var Leopard (Seedling Size)
2. Orchid Care Spray pack
3. 2 pcs 3 inch Net Pots With Coconut Husk

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too healthy!
too healthy!
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Swapan Giri 19-July-2022
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