Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)
Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)
Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)
Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)

Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)

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Box Contain In Package A Pot of Dendrobium Hiroshi (Seedling Size)
Dendrobium are well known to be a beginner’s orchid. These tropical hybrids are the most easy to grow as they sustain in varied climatic conditions. They require very less care compared to other species of orchids. The flowers grow in a range of vibrant colors and vary from very small to large blooms. Typically the bases of the sepals are fused to the foot of the column and the lip base forming a mentum or 'chin' which often houses nectar.
Note: Please refer plant picture for size reference. Being live plants, the actual plant might vary in size. There might be variations produced by hybrids or species in the size, colour and pattern of the flowers.

D.Nopporn Gold
Type: Dendrobium Hybrid
Plant Size: Seedling Size (6 to 8 inch)
Pot size : 2 inch net pot
Potting Media: Coconut Husk
Placement: Indoor
Climatic condition: Tropical

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