Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike
Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike
Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike
Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike

Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike

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Box Contain In Package A pot of Cattleya Hybrids (Encyclia Jairak Arrow x Encyclia Cordigera) With Spike
Encyclia’s blooms come in a range of colors, including purple, brown, yellow, and green. The Encyclia’s lip is a different color than the rest of the flower and can appear either ruffled or flat and broad. The blooms can often last for a month or more. In some species the blooms are highly fragrant and can smell of vanilla or lemon.

Cattleya Orchids are epiphytes and each flower stalk grows from a pseudo-bulb which they use for water storage. Their large roots are covered with a spongy velamen which retains nutrients and water. Cattleya generally bloom once a year and the bloom last for anywhere from one to three weeks. The blooming varies by species that produces large and fragrant flowers with vibrant color. These plants are very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse from those who tend to forget to water.

Type: Cattleya Hybrid
Plant Size: With Spike
Potting Media: Coconut Husk

Note: Please refer plant picture for size reference. Being live plants, the actual plant might vary in size. There might be variations produced by hybrids or species in the size, colour and pattern of the flowers.

Water Requirements

Watering should be done early in the morning so that they can get sufficient time to dry. Cattleya roots should fully dry out between each time you water. For this reason when deciding on a potting medium you should choose one that is able to fully drain. On the other hand, it is important to never let seedlings go completely dry because this could stunt growth and cause other problems. The watering schedule for a Cattleya can greatly depend on the type of pot the orchid is planted in, the temperature, and also the time of year.

Light Requirements

Cattleya thrives with medium light conditions. A way to determine if your orchid is getting enough light will be if the leaves are a medium green color and the pseudo-bulbs are upright. If your orchid is receiving too much light the leaves will have a reddish-purple coloring.

Temperature Requirements

Required daytime temperature for Cattleya are somewhere between 21°C to 35°C and night temperature 12°C to 25.6°C. Higher daytime temperatures encourage faster growth, although if you plan to keep your orchid in higher temperatures you will have to remember to maintain higher humidity conditions, more air movement, as well as more frequent watering.

Humidity Requirements

Cattleya required humidity somewhere between 60 to 80%, however, Excess moist conditions encourages fungal and bacterial rot which will cause damage to the plant and less humidity will dry out the plants completely and discourages the growth of the plants and ultimately damage the plant. Humidity can be controlled by proper air movement and foggers.

Fertilizer Requirements

When Cattleya orchids are in full growth (summers) they should be fertilize with orchid food weekly. If the Cattleya is not in active growth (winter) then fertilizing with orchid food twice a month. It is important to never fertilize an orchid that is completely dry. This can cause major damage to the roots.

Potting Requirements

Cattleya should be repotted in a course mix which can hold moisture and can maintain humidity. Media should be as such so that water can drains out properly and provide proper aeration.

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