8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)
8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)
8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)
8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)

8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)

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Box Contain In Package 8 X 4 inch Clay Pot (1 Pot)
This is a handmade clay pot designed for orchids with a 1 cm thick body to retain moisture and sufficient amount of water required for the plants. the holes in the pot help to drain out excess water and avoid water logging for the plants. In case you wish to hang the pots, small holes are given on the top rim of the clay pot to insert wire/ rope/ hangers. The clay pot is made to make growing orchids easy and plant parent friendly.

Type : Clay Pot (1 pic)
Height : 4 inch
Top Diameter : 8 inch
Thikness: 1 Cm
Weight: 1200 Grams

Note: There may be a slight difference in the measurements as they are handmade

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