They are native to Southeast Asia and grow in bright light, warmth and good humidity. These plants are known for their large flower size and vibrant colors.

These plants grow from a single stem with leaves that are highly variable according to habitat. Some have flat, typically broad, ovoid leaves (strap-leaves), while others have cylindrical (terete), fleshy leaves. The stems of these orchids vary considerably in size; some are miniature plants and some have a length of several meters. The plants can become quite massive in habitat and in cultivation, and epiphytic species possess very large, rambling aerial root systems.

Vanda orchids are known for large, robust roots that are difficult to contain in any sort of pot. They are best grown suspended in baskets or mounted and usually require full sunlight and intermediate to warm temperatures. If suspended, the roots must be watered frequently. 

Added on: 20/12/21 11:30 AM
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