They are native throughout south-east Asia from the Himalayan mountains to the islands of Philippines and northern Australia. Orchid Island of Taiwan is named after this orchid. Derived from the Ancient Greek word phalaina meaning "a kind of moth" with the suffix -opsis meaning "the appearance of" or "like". The species are sometimes called Moth orchids.

An erect growing rhizome produces from the top one or two alternate, thick and fleshy, elliptical leaves. They have no pseudobulbs. They bloom in their full glory for several weeks. If kept in the home, they usually last two to three months, which is considered quite a long time.

Warm temperatures, humidity and low light is needed for this orchid. Flowering mostly is during fall when the night temperatures drop. Overwatering and poor drainage cause the roots to deteriorate, therefore killing the plant. Thick roots and green point at the ends are signs of healthy growth

Added on: 20/12/21 11:29 AM
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