Dendrobium (abbreviated as Den)

The name is from the Greek word dendron meaning tree and bios meaning life. The genus occurs in diverse habitat throughout Himalayas to southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Borneo, Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Zealand.

Dendrobiums are the most common option for beginners to grow. These develop pseudobulbs, which unite into a long reed like stem. They grow quickly in summers and rest during winter. In spring, new shoots are formed from the base of the main plant. They require just the right amount of water for growth and survival. Most species have a moderate to fast growth rate.

Some varieties bloom along the lengths of their stems while some bloom just from the tops of the stems. Some varieties drop their leaves in the fall while some hold on to their leaves year-round.

The best time to plant is either at the very beginning of the growing season or after the orchid has finished flowering.

Added on: 20/12/21 11:26 AM
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