Paphiopedilum Care


Water the orchids enough to keep them moist but not soggy. Drain the pot and roots must dry out between watering. Monthly drenching advisable to clean fertilizer deposits.

Note: Frequent watering required in warmer months and less frequent in the cooler months to ensure plants don’t dry out.


Place plant in dim indirect sunlight and avoid mid-day sun. In case of too much light the leaf may turn pale or yellowish.


In general, Paphiopedilum grow well in day temperatures of 18°C to 30°C and night temperatures of 10°C to 18°C. Warmth encourages faster growth, but with higher humidity conditions and good air circulation. Adequate humidity, watering and shade help sustain in high temperature.


Humidity between 60% to 80% is ideal. excess moist conditions, disease and rot can set in and damage the plant. Good air circulation is a must. Adding humidity tray or humidifier with sufficient distance enhances plant growth.  


Regularly fertilize during full growth. Ensure moisture before fertilizing the plant. Drenching should be done once in a month to clean fertilizer deposits.

Note: Never fertilize an orchid that is completely dry, as this can burn the roots and damage them.


Repot plant in a course mix which can hold moisture and can maintain humidity. Media must be able to drain out water properly and provide proper aeration. Before repotting always cut away the damaged roots with a sterile cutting instrument. They do not like their roots in water. 


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