Cattleya Care


Water early in the morning. Ensure to drain the pot and roots dry out between watering. Meanwhile, do not let seedlings dry completely as it can stunt growth and cause other problems. Note: The watering schedule for a Cattleya greatly depends on the type of pot the orchid is planted in, the temperature, and also the time of year. 


Cattleya thrives with medium light conditions. A way to determine if your orchid is getting enough light will be if the leaves are a medium green color and the pseudo-bulbs are upright. If your orchid is receiving too much light the leaves will have a reddish-purple coloring.


Day temperatures between 21°C to 35°C and night temperature 12°C to 25.6°C are suitable. While higher daytime temperatures promote faster growth, ensure to maintain higher humidity conditions, more air movement, as well as more frequent watering.
During fall, limited exposure to lower night time temperatures encourage growth of spikes. Higher temperature will encourage faster growth.
Note: Prolong temperature drop or rise may stunt the growth and buds may fall off.


Maintain humidity between 60 to 80%. In case of excess moist conditions, fungal and bacterial rot may damage the plant and less humidity will dry out the plants completely and discourage the growth. Good air circulation is a must. Humidity can be controlled with foggers and sufficient distance to encourage air circulation. 


During full growth (summers) ensure fertilizing with orchid food weekly. If not in active growth (winter) then fertilize with orchid food just twice a month. Do not fertilize an orchid that is completely dry as it can cause major damage to the roots.


Repot plant in a course mix which can hold moisture and can maintain humidity. Media must be able to drain out water properly and provide proper aeration. They do not like their roots in water. 


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