What is the Orchid Blooming Plant Season in India?

What is the Orchid Blooming Plant Season in India?

What is the Orchid Blooming Plant Season in India?

Growing orchids in an orchidarium, garden or home is a fascination for plant lovers. Visually delightful, these exquisite flowers are perineal in nature. According to the season, climate, location and planting conditions, you will find them blooming at different times of the year in India. Orchids take time, knowledge and care to bloom. If you plan to buy orchids in India, then what follows below will get you going in no time.

Orchids in India – Do they Rebloom? 

This is a commonly asked question that comes to the mind of those who buy exclusive orchids in India to grow at home. Once your orchids have bloomed, you may expect to see them bloom again across the year. A little research will help you understand the blooming patterns of the decorative flowers that last for 7 to 120 days or more. Proper care is needed to make orchids flourish. For example, most orchids need diffused sunlight. They suffer from sunburns and start getting dark blotches on their leaves if left under harsh or direct sunlight. 

Orchids that Bloom Easily 

Among all orchid varieties found in India, vandas, dendrobium, phalaenopsis are known to perform quite well. Night temperatures in the range of 15 to 18 degrees, with the day temperatures ranging from 22 to 27 degrees is congenial for their growth. Spring, which is the period of lush flowering in India, begins in February -March. This is the season when brightness and warmth support the growth of new orchid root tips. Once the tips appear, it’s time to acclimate your plants to increased light and keep checking them for sunburns. Indian summers can be quite harsh. So, start taking full care of your orchids when days start becoming longer and hotter.

Buy Orchids Plants in India for Pretty Blooms 

You will find more than 150,000 types of orchids to choose from and plant in your environment. Along with the hybrid species, you will find many regular and local varieties that are available in different shapes and colors. The commercial hybrid varieties have different growth and blooming patterns. Similarly, the orchids grown in pots at home have different growth and blooming cycles. Choose accordingly. Log in to ClickOrchid.com to find a wide range of hybrid and regular orchid species.
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