Taking Care of Orchids Impact of Air Movement and Humidity

Taking Care of Orchids Impact of Air Movement and Humidity

Taking Care of Orchids Impact of Air Movement and Humidity

Taking Care of Orchids – Impact of Air Movement and Humidity

(Orchids need good care and nurturing to remain healthy. Read on to know how air humidity and other weather conditions can impact your home orchids.) 

Growing orchids at home can be an easy task provided you know how to handle them with care. Apart from proper fertilization, light conditions, trays and pans, and watering you have to be aware of the impact of humidity and air motions on your prized possessions. Therefore, if you are planning to buy orchid plants online in India then it will be helpful to understand what orchids need (or don’t need) to thrive.


Humidity and Orchids Go Together

It is important to note that orchids love humid conditions and are best grown on humidity trays. These useful trays allow for water deposits at the base. When placed in humidity trays, the orchids remain suspended and do not get wet. As the water evaporates, it benefits the growth of orchids and keeps them from drying. Another good thing about orchids is that they tend to bunch together as they grow. This helps retain humidity levels among the plants.

Until you purchase commercial trays, you may want to use your cake pans for this purpose. Just fill them up with stones or any other object that prevents the orchids from touching the water base and the orchids will find a suitable place to grow. 


What about Air Movements?

Along with humidity, orchids also need adequate air movements to enable their healthy growth. However, continuous movement of warm or moisture-free air can be detrimental as it will dry them out completely. According to the experts at Clickorchid.com – the best place to buy orchids, it is critical to attaining the right mix of air movement and humidity to keep your orchids happy.


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