Here’s What You should do to Take Care of Your Home Orchids

Here’s What You should do to Take Care of Your Home Orchids

Here’s What You should do to Take Care of Your Home Orchids

Have you been growing orchids at home? Are you still looking for the right tips to take care of your orchids and other commonly grown houseplants? It’s easy to take care of your orchids if they get proper growing conditions. Read on to know more about how to take good care of home growing orchid plants without spending too much time or money.


Tips for Indoor Orchid Care

Orchids can be bought online in a variety of sizes and colors as per their variety. They serve as exquisite additions to homes and gel with almost all interior décor. The best thing about growing orchids at home is that they need negligible care if you manage to meet the temperature, humidity and light requirements.


The Right Growing Media

According to the experts linked with orchid supplies in India, well-draining and moist growth conditions are required by almost all orchids. You will also need the proper growing media such as sphagnum peat moss, or fir bark, rocks, cork, potting soil, sand, redwood charcoal, etc. to ensure healthy growth for the plants.


Shallow Planting of Orchids

Here are some quick tips to take general care of orchids flower or orchid plants after you buy the best orchids in India.

Try placing the orchid plants in a room or corner that is either south or east-facing to draw optimum indirect but bright sunlight.

  • Orchids require warmer or cooler temperature conditions to grow across their normal season. If you are placing them indoors then the night temperature should be 15 degrees less for them to bloom sufficiently.
  • Orchids require 50-70 percent of humidity but will perish if overwatered. For watering, poke your finger into the growing media to a depth of about an inch (2.5 cm.). Water the plant only if the soil is totally dry.


Proper Care of Orchids Purchased Online 

Orchid care is an important part of purchasing exquisite home orchids and plants online. You may want to reach out to the orchids specialists at Click Orchid to know about the best ways of taking care of your orchids. They will guide you with the selection of long-lasting and blooming orchids as well.


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