All About Orchids – Buy Exclusive Orchids in India

All About Orchids – Buy Exclusive Orchids in India

All About Orchids – Buy Exclusive Orchids in India

Orchids (Orchidaceae) are a popular plant variety found in over 700 genera. With over 28,000 individual species to boast of, orchids dominate the plant kingdom in many more ways than one. Those who buy orchid varieties in India are usually aware of the different native orchids found in the regions of their choice. The tropical varieties of orchids are usually kept as houseplants.

Types of Orchids - Buy Exclusive Orchids in India 

Home orchid growers are always on the lookout for orchid plants that flower more than once every year and remain for a longer time after blooming. There are several varieties of orchids to buy in India. Given below is a quick rundown of the most popular orchid varieties.

Buy Aranda Orchids Online India 

Aranda orchids are a cross between Arachnis and Vandas. They present the best colors, forms and textures of these superb species.

Buy Phalaenopsis Orchids Online India 

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) can be purchased online easily. These thick-leaved plants give elegant, arching blooms that last for months in a row. You can buy vanda orchids online India to add to the beauty of their sprays.

Buy Dendrobium Orchids Online India 

Plant growers choosing to buy Rhnchostylis online in India also invest in dendrobium orchids online to add to their range of home plants. You will love the vibrant and bright colors of dendrobium blooms!

Buy Cattleya Orchids Online India 

Cattleya orchids feature beautiful, fragrant and showy flowers in a wide range of shapes and colors. You may want to buy Paphiopedilum online India to add to your collection of cattleyas.

Buy Cymbidium Orchids online India @ClickOrchid can help you buy Oncidium orchids online India along with cymbidiums, Nobile orchids, epidendrum orchids and many other varieties. Start adding more orchids to your environment with our collections. You will not be disappointed!

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